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The Secret of dentistry insurance

The Secret of dentistry insurance

dentistry insurance ask is is this in this just  capitation to which I just almost have  to burst out laughing we’ve looked at capitated programs I  mean and they’re  #facebook a joke I shouldn’t say that politically and I should say that  they you know don’t pay what they should or historically capitation has  dentistry insurance been in the marketplace for folks who were just  sort of.

dentistry insurance


starting out  full cover dental insurance but the reality is they are paying seven dollars maybe eight dollars per month per patient you know if dental surgery insurance you wanted  #twitter to generate fifty  thousand dollars a month you have to see five thousand patients a month are you kidding me you could never meet the economic goals of our program our worst case scenarios  we’re paying you twenty

dollars a month three times more we’ve seen capitation programs paying a dollar a month so a worst case scenario  #wikipedia we’re paying you three times more realistically we’re  probably paying you or  dental surgery insurance dollars by the time all our programs are done and   full cover dental insurance so now you’re sitting you’re singing and making five to ten times more per head which allows you to see

fewer people which means you can see other people  full cover dental insurance  through our program other patients the existing ones from the other PPO networks  #tumbler are your other fee-for-service networks the other cash based networks you don’t have to give  full cover dental insurance them up as a result of our program you can see them all as part of a mix secondly under  competition they shut the

fee schedule for your work and it’s a terrible one and then they decide if they will pay the copay on the individual work so you’re right  dental surgery insurance #facebook back to having four people arguing with their four people to decide whether or not you’re paid on a fee  schedule it’s terrible to begin with in our program you set your own fee schedule and everything is approved

so if you want to compare a system in full cover dental insurance which you’re paid ten times less in which you’re not even certain you’re gonna be paid at all on a copay on a terrible procedure scheduled in the first place  yeah then this is capitation  dental surgery insurance but in all seriousness there’s no comparison whatsoever to what we’re  dentistry insurance doing in capitation so those are the questions that folks