Best Electric Toothbrush

Best Electric Toothbrush

  • I’d like to  e you might braces in the future and a really  Best Electric Toothbrush moment in the dental practice.
  • Was when parents would ask me #Wikipedia  is this happening why is this child need basin maybe this one.
  • Maybe  not and I need to always kind of be like well it’s genetic I’m gonna draw exactly  exactly and like that’s what

I was told you know but the there is no genetic.

  • evidence that that that line of thinking  has not played out in .
  • In the in the in the literature whatsoever you Best Electric Toothbrush craniofacial growth as a generic.
  • probe and the vast epidemic that  we’re in today but these kids are shown far more symptoms than just geography .
  • know that they show a very fundamental pattern of how they look as a person and the face is a very powerful aspect
  • of  who we are and so that they’re coming to the into the surgery they’re slumped over their shoulders are slumped forward their heads postured.

Forward they have dark circles under the eyes their mouth.

is open their tongues hanging out they are their mother says they don’t sleep.

  • very well they don’t perform very well at school they packed up and they often have digestive issues and what we see is we’ve got.
  • This tiny tiny long  underdeveloped maxilla which is the upper jaw bone and so the way you see that is it that’s the palate so.
  • With the roof of your mouth should be flat and Best Electric Toothbrush now in these kids that today I’m seeing you know it’s like a  v-shaped and .
  • very very high so you can nearly barely fit your finger up to to touch the palate and that should be flat